5 Stars

The Look Co. and Dawn and her group were visionaries who made my condo decor into a perfectly staged home. It was beautifully done and the price was great. They were professional and reliable as well. I would highly recommend The Look Co. to anyone needing to stage their home.

Lori Shea

5 Stars

After weeks of having our house on the market with no offers and dwindling public interest, within days of The Look Co. staging our home we received multiple offers. Their staging process was fast and easy! Dawn and her team were able to use a mix of our furniture and décor with theirs so the preparation was simple. Originally I thought that my house looked 'good', but after seeing the final result realized that as home owners we become blind to our own clutter, are unable to see the full potential of every corner of our home from a fresh buyers perspective and don't know how to maximize the value of our real estate. Listing your home is a very stressful time (especially with kids) and my only regret was that I didn't call them sooner as it would have saved our family a lot of time and energy. Home owners are leaving money on the table if they don't invest in home staging before you sell - and it will sell faster! Staging is the best money I ever spent on my home and I can't recommend The Look Co Home Staging & Design enough. Call Dawn's team ... just do it and thank me later!


5 Stars

I needed a quick sale of my 900sqft condo during COVID. The market was extremely competitive with several similar units for sale in our complex. The Look Co. Staging & Design transformed my small space and found ways to highlight the beauty and function of every square inch of the indoor and outdoor living space. Within days of staging I had an accepted offer above asking, whereas similar units sat for months and underwent multiple price reductions. I believe the condo sold fast because potential buyers were able to walk into the space and immediately see and feel how they could optimize the living space. They brought out the best in my property. Their use of lighting, mirrors and fabrics was impressive ... and once they finished the unit looked like a larger, cozy and inspiring place to live and work. Dawn and her team can truly work magic and the small fee was a drop in the bucket when I look at my sell price.


Out of Town Owner

As a person living out of town I wanted to deal with an established professional company who would be self sufficient. Their website drew me to their quality and the finished product turned out to be as good if not better than their work online!Their willingness to work around other trades and execution with very tight timelines has made them a pleasure to deal with. Well worth the money!


West Vancouver Condo

April 2013 – I recently had the pleasure of home staging my Condo with The Staging Goddess, Dawn Rockhill. She & her team were absolutely a pleasure to work with. I found them to be interested in my impute, They were creative with their ideas & very professional. In this time where it is a buyers market I was more than trilled with the look of my Condo. I think that the first people to see the Condo must have been too, as they bought it as soon as they saw it.

Thank you to The Staging Goddess & her team for making the sale of my Condo so smooth.

Linda G C., West Vancouver.

Just staged!

The house looks wonderful! Thank you for your home staging!

Kelly Lavallie, North Vancouver

Sold my listing fast!

Dawn staged a couple of listings for me. The first one had been sitting vacant for months and we were going nowhere fast. Within DAYS of Dawn and her elves coming to work their home staging magic it sold at a price the seller was happy with! She’s also very professional, easy to get a long with and very reasonably priced.

Jason Deeth

Two offers at once!

You have been an incredible help in getting my house sold. Your home staging work was fantastic and your realtor recommendation was great! It is very rare that you can trust someone over the phone and via text thousands of miles away, especially because we haven’t even met face to face ever. I literally had two offers at the same time within two weeks of engaging Alberta after having the house on the market for 1 year with no offers. The staging was a huge help!.. I just want to say thanks!

Home was breathtaking!

I wanted to put my house on the market to sell and thought it would be a good idea to see if home staging would give me an advantage. I called the Staging Goddess and met with Angie for an initial consultation. She walked around my house with me and gave me very constructive feedback on what changes to make and how I can use what I already have to give my home a more inviting appeal. She was very cognisant of the fact that I would be incurring several expenses over the next few months moving into another house, and wanted to maximize the appeal of my house without having to spend a lot of money. This consultation and advice was freely given even without my commitment to hire her company to stage my home. I liked her vision and philosophy and decided to hire the Staging Goddess to prepare my home to sell. After the home staging was complete, my husband and I walked through our home with amazement! Just a few accessories added and some rearrangement of furniture, and our home had been transformed into a show home, without being overdone. The transformation from a house that was clean and clutter-free to an inviting warm and extremely tastefully decorated home was breathtaking. We became proud to open our doors and let people come and go through our home.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Staging Goddess. Dawn and Angie make an outstanding team. With their philosophy to keep costs at a minimum, to use what you have and to create a beautiful, warm and inviting atmosphere for your home is worth more than what you are paying for.

Thank you Angie and Dawn. You truly are Goddesses!

Nimet – Langley

Almost hit the floor!

Would you believe me if I said I almost hit the floor when they unveiled my newly decorated place? Well, I did, and that’s no joke!

I didn’t even recognise my apartment anymore – the difference was night and day! I think the most amazing thing about it though is how they incorporated our existing stuff with decorative accents and pieces to transform the apartment from blah to beautiful! It sounds crazy, but after the staging was done, we seriously had second thoughts about wanting to sell the place! It was so beautiful that we didn’t want to imagine selling such a stunningly gorgeous place anymore! Regretfully though, it SOLD – and quickly!

My only regret is not calling Dawn a lot sooner. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone wanting to sell their place, or even to those who are bored and want to spice up their current home! If you are trying to sell, don’t wait, call them NOW! Thanks Dawn for your amazing work!

Adam – Coquitlam, BC

They have a flare!

When our Realtor suggested that we call for a consultation I didn’t know what to expect. Boy was I glad we called! Dawn was professional, delightful and an obvious expert in what she does. She had us so excited about the prospect of what could be that we booked her the next day to do the staging.

When my husband & I walked in the door to see what they had done we were overjoyed. They rearranged furniture and added accent items we had or they brought to enhance every room. We didn’t even recognise items of ours they had used for staging the house! They certainly have a flare for design and it showed. We are now ready to list the house and I am confident that it will sell because of what the girls did.

Thank you Ladies!

Chuck & Mary – Coquitlam

Sold in 2 weeks

It looks amazing! It doesn’t even look like the same place! I am absolutely floored at how you put it all together using my own things. I never would have imagined it could have looked so good. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job of home staging.

My house sold within two weeks!

Tanya – Coquitlam, BC

Sold in 2 weeks

It looks amazing! It doesn’t even look like the same place! I am absolutely floored at how you put it all together using my own things. I never would have imagined it could have looked so good. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job of home staging.

My house sold within two weeks!

Tanya – Coquitlam, BC

Quick sale after staging

Thank you so much for the home staging you did on my listing. It had been on the market for over one and a half months – with no offers – and it SOLD at list in less than two weeks after you staged it! The people that came to my open house were all very impressed with the decor. You did a really great job!

Lu Wei – Coldwell Banker Realty, Burnaby, BC

Sold for full price in 3 days

I used this Staging company services on my own investment property. It had been on the market for months with no offers. After they staged the home, I received a FULL PRICE offer on it within 3 DAYS. Since then I have referred many of my clients to them. Each and every time they have proven results.

I have used other staging companies in the past but would only use The Staging Goddess in the future. I can assure you – you will not regret it.

Michelle Forsberg - Remax – Sabre Realty, Coquitlam BC

Selling an older home

Let me start by saying that staging is the ticket! The home I had listed was an older home that had some beautiful updates, but they were overshadowed by the fact the house was vacant and empty.

Most people would perceive the vacant and empty house much smaller and darker due to the illusion created by not having any ambient lighting or furnishings to display the actual size of the home.

The home I had listed had been on the market for approximately 2 months without any interested buyers putting in an offer to purchase it. The feedback I got from visitors to the home was that it was dark; it appeared small despite the 3200 sq. ft. area. The sellers were getting frustrated and I was also becoming concerned with the lack of activity. In consultation with my clients we decided that staging the property would be a good idea as opposed to reducing the price. Had we reduced the price, the house would still look the same and there would be no guarantees it would sell.

After finding your website on the Internet, and meeting you for a consultation, I was very impressed with all of your suggestions and your positive energy Dawn. I just knew after our initial meeting that we had made the right decision.

When I attended the house on the day that the staging was completed, I was completely in awe of the transformation! The furnishings you chose and all the accessories showcased the other great features this home had and created an atmosphere that was enticing. I have been completely impressed with your professionalism, talent and positive energy.

The results of using your staging services speak for themselves. After staging this home, it sold within 2 weeks with multiple offers)

I have been telling all my colleagues about the exceptional services that you provided to my clients and me and will continue to highly recommend your services to anyone needing staging or anyone considering price reduction.

Anne Soucie – Sutton Group, Coquitlam, BC.

Recommended by our Realtor

When we quickly had to put our home up for sale, we were recommended by our Realtor to work with Dawn. While feeling SO OVERWHELMED and SO STRESSED, the girls kept assuring me to relax and let them worry about my problems. Thank God for them!

They managed to turn our home and our lives completely around so much for the better. They took on the inconceivable task of unorganised clutter and disarray, to the most amazing display of jaw-dropping style and class. All this was accomplished by their devotion, patience, kindness and true artistic talent. We became #1 to them and could not have done this without their professional help.

They changed our lives and in the process, not only did we quickly become friends but more like family. I cannot rave enough about them and am so proud and thankful to have met them. I urge anyone, in any decorating or selling situation, to welcome them into their lives and have them take the pressure off them.

I can’t wait for ‘the girls’ to get started on styling our new home. They are phenomenal!!

Toni & Family – Pitt Meadows, BC

Less stress selling a home

To anyone who’s thinking of putting their Home on the Market – boy, the thought of getting our house ready to sell was sooooo stressful! Oh my gosh! Especially since it seemed like we had lived there forever. Lots of memories and an abundance of emotions. I have to say I spent quite a bit of time crying.

In comes Dawn: calm, funny, thoughtful and creative. We walked through the house and we talked about its special features. She suggested what furniture should be removed to create a sense of spaciousness. She was so excited – her attitude was, “This is so fun. Thanks for letting us play in your house!”

They took over and organised everything. They hired cleaning people and they brought in a couch and accent pieces that went with my home. Then they basically redecorated the whole house using the things that I had and moving them from this room to that and adding the pieces they had brought. And they enjoyed what they were doing! At a time when I felt stressed to the max, they brought humour and laughter to our home.

You can see from the pictures how beautiful they made our house look. But the reason I wanted to write this letter is so that you would also know what wonderful people they both are and what a pleasure it was to have them stage our home.

Sincerely, Mary – North Vancouver, BC (House Sold in 5 Days)

My homes are a pleasure to show

Their work is amazing! They have the ability to see each house as unique and they bring out the best characteristics of each one. Not only are the Realtors showing the home impressed, the potential buyer can see that the home is well cared for.

My homes are a pleasure to show to buyers. Staging shows the potential of how a home can look when it is organised, clean and de-cluttered.

All of the properties that they have staged for me have sold QUICKLY and for GOOD MONEY. I have heard the buying realtor’s clients ask, ‘Is this a show home?’ I think that says so much! I would highly recommend that you get them to prepare your home for sale. You will not be disappointed.

Gale Ickier, Ickier Group

Royal Le Page – Showcase Plus, Coquitlam BC

Sold within 2 weeks for asking price

I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my house. It was an amazing transformation. By re-arranging my furniture and adding some new pieces the house took on a whole new look. I have no doubt that it was a big factor in my house selling so quickly. I would highly recommend your services to anyone whom is considering selling their home.(Sold within 2 weeks for asking price)

Thanks again,
Kathy, Coquitlam Home Staging

You transformed my home into a paradise!

I just want to mention that your work is fabulous, fabulous from every aspect. Before, my house was just a mess because I had a baby to take care of and I was very tired so I rarely cleaned my house.

You transformed my home into a paradise, You came up with very interesting and yet creative ideas and I was very pleased and so were my Realtors. My home sold very quickly as well at a great price. After you were done staging, my son didn’t want to sell our house anymore because it was so magnificent.

Sincerely, Jane, Burnaby Home Staging

My condo looks amazing!

WOW! I wanted to tell you my condo looks amazing! I now know why you are called THE STAGING GODDESS! Thank you for a such a beautiful stage. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOUR COMPANY! After the staging, then the open house there was four offers above the asking price. I just want people to know that you can put all their worries behind and let Dawn do her magic. Just imagine the whole time I dealt with the Staging Goddess I was living in Ontario miles away, just communicating by phone and email. Having the condo staged just made the selling of it so easy!!! I now know that when you sell a property staging is a must! First you stage and then you list your property. It will all take care of itself after that. Thanks So Much

No offers after 1 year until …

Thank you, thank you for staging our house! It had been on the market for almost a year – with no offers – and it SOLD during first open house after you staged it! The people that came to our house were all very impressed with the decor. I don’t think our house would have sold so quickly without your help. You could see & arrange things that I could never have come up with myself. It certainly takes a unique set of eyes to stage a home to sell it! (Sold with 4 offers well over asking)

Dmitri and Iana – Coquitlam

Amazing transformation!

Thank you for your AMAZING transformation that sold our house. I wish I could hire a skywriting plane to write you a love letter across the BC skyline! Here is what it would say …

“Call The Staging Goddess immediately if you are thinking of selling your home! She is amazingly fun to work with. She’s extremely talented. She will make your life SOOOOO much easier and happier. She works so fast that if you blink you’ll miss it. Her taste is gorgeous. It is the best investment you could ever make to maximize your sale. And, she , and anyone else she recommends for other services, are so professional that you will never have to worry about a deadline, or having it done exactly as promised. They will far surpass your every expectation! And believe me, I’m really picky and have very high expectations so for me to say this, is something unusual! My home was so fabulous when she staged it that I didn’t want to move. I put my house on the market in the worst of the downturn this Spring. The two houses next door (pretty much exactly like mine, had been for sale for months with no offers). My house sold in less than 2 weeks for a great price! (the other houses still haven’t sold 5 months later!). If your home is less than perfect, call Dawn and let her work her magic. If your home is already gorgeous, call her anyway because what she does will make buyers want your beautiful home even more!

Meredith – Coquitlam

House sold in 3 weeks!

Thank you so much for your excellent service. With your help our place sold within 2 weeks after the listing date with 3 multiple offers. I love our place now. Without the great presentation you helped us achieve, I don’t think we could of sold it that quick and with such a great outcome.

Good luck to your bright future and sincerely thanks for the excellent service!


Property had been on the market for 8 months

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your Vancouver home staging team for the amazing job you have done to my house. You gave my house a totally new feel and brought many unused rooms to life again. I am mostly impressed with your ability to utilize the furniture and the home decor items I already own. You made me realize that we do not need to go out and buy expensive, new furniture to create a beautiful home. I am pleased to tell you that my house was sold within one week with multiple offers.

I am very satisfied with your services and would definitely recommend your team to my friends.

Quick sale!

I had a vacant Condo listing in Coal Harbour that was getting a ton of traffic from the MLS listing. However, as it was an irregularly shaped apartment we weren’t getting any offers.

That’s when Dawn “The Staging Goddess” entered the scene. Not only were her services priced fairly, and her team extremely professional and courteous and we got 3 offers within the first week of it being Staged!

We love The Staging Goddess!

We had our home listed for two years and received no offers.After the Team of goddesses performed their magic, we sold in 8 days!! They used most of our existing furniture, added a few pieces, relocated a few others and VOILA! We can now move on with our lives. It was totally worth the investment.Thanks to Dawn and her pink team.

Michael (Edgemont Village North Van)


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